Privacy Policy

PierX, Inc.(hereafter PierX)understands the importance of privacy information and committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. PierX hereby establish the Privacy Policy as stated below, and fulfill this policy through continued employee training and internal auditing, and make effort to continually improve internal handling of privacy information through the improvement of internal regulations regarding the protection of privacy information. 

1. Compliance with Laws, and Regulations.

PierX complies with protection of privacy information laws, regulations including Japanese laws and ordinances, Guidelines for the Protection of Privacy Information.

2. Privacy Information Collection

PierX may collect privacy information by using appropriate method and clearly defining the purpose of use. Such acquired information may not be disclosed to third parties other than   you agreed in advance. PierX will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. 

3. Using Privacy Information

PierX will use the privacy information within the purpose stated at the time of the acquisition of information.

4. Handling Inquiry for Personal Information

PierX will handle any inquiries about the privacy information appropriately by placing a contact window.

Enacted on 9/1/2015

PierX, Inc.

CEO Hirokatsu Ohigashi