Happy .moe day!

Moe Day is a play on the Japanese characters for October 10th (十月十日), which closely resembles the Japanese kanji character 萌 (moe)! To celebrate Moe Day, .moe domain is now available at 1,000JPY/yr for the first year registration!!

Moe Day promo price runs through 2016/10/10 9;00JST to 2016/10/17 8:59JST. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Register your .moe during this great offer.

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Go global regardless of your business´size or location, and gain a global audience today!

If you don’t have your .global domain  yet, register today with PierX Domains!! We offer the new first year registration of .global at 1,600JPY/yr!! This promo price is good through 2016/10/1-11/30! So don’t miss out on this great deal.

*Renewals will be charged at our normal rate
**Second year onward for multi-year registration will be charged at our normal rate

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[Update] Price Change

This is a notice of price changes for following domain name registrations.

Effective October 1, 2016, the fee charged for domain name initial registrations, domain name renewals, and for transferring a domain name will be changed as shown below.

The fee will increase for 


to JPY5,000 / yr.

In addition, .business and .company fees will be decreased to to JPY1,000 / yr.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you have any question about our service, please contact our Customer Support from our contact form. 


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IDN domain available for .club

PierX Domain have added Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) into the .Club namespace. We now have the IDN function for Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. 

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.stream is available at PierX!!

PierX Domains added General Availability registration for .stream on Wednesday June 29th. You can register .stream at 500JPY/yr with PierX Domains!

.stream will be the place where your website can display the online media content, and make your user happy and enjoy streaming!!

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PierX Domains’ recommended domains

Currently, PierX Domains is offering new registrations, renewals, and transfers at 500JPY/yr for following domains.


This promo price is also applied for the multiple year registrations second year onward. 

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PierX, Inc. launches “PierX Domains” - domain name registration services

ICANN accredited registrar, PierX, Inc., has just launched a new domain name registration service, “PierX Domains” on 2016/5/19. 

“PierX Domains” offers simple and easy domain management tool in English and Japanese. If you are looking for a registrar to get your new domain name, register with us! 

Not only the new registration, but also you can transfer your existing domain names to PierX Domains. Please look up our offer for any domain extensions you wish to register from the domain extensions page.  

In addition, our DNS hosting feature is available to manage your DNS record for your domain name registered at PierX Domains! 

If you have any question about our service, please contact our Customer Support from our contact form


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PierX is ICANN Accredited


PierX, Inc. is now an ICANN accredited registrar for domain names. Stay tuned for updates about our domain registration service announcement!